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LA Beach Writers is a group of committed writers in Gulf Shores, AL, comprising writers from Lower Alabama and our surrounding area along the Gulf Coast of the USA.
(That's right - 'LA' stands for 'Lower Alabama', - we are not that megalopolis along the Pacific Coast!)

Our Mission Statement:

LA Beach Writers exists to provide
encouragement and support to
committed writers in our area

Our Next Meeting is March 19 at 5:30pm
at the Thomas B. Norton Library in Gulf Shores

Our speaker for the evening will be Dr. Gaylon McCollough.  Dr McCollough will speak about how he has been able to publish some 16 books over the past 24 years… with more in the pipeline.

Dr. McCollough

"As I have listened to the comments offered during previous meetings, I came to realize the vast majority of our group is looking for ways to reduce their thoughts and ideas to the printed word and improving their odds at having what they have written published.

I look forward to sharing my experiences as an author with like-minded journeymen and women."

Founder of the McCollough Institute for Appearance and Health in Gulf Shores, Alabama, Dr. McCollough is a world-renowned physician, facial plastic surgeon and author. Author or co-author of a number of books providing extraordinary insight into the behavior of human beings, Dr. McCollough focuses on the triumph of excellence over mediocrity and good over evil. Dr. McCollough and his wife, Susan, live on a small ranch with their herd of Tennessee Walking horses.

Our Current Project:

LA Beach Writers is creating an anthology of writings from our members.  The expected publication date is mid-2018.  Copies will be available from members as well as on Amazon. 

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