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LA Beach Writers is a group of committed writers in Gulf Shores, AL, comprising writers from Lower Alabama and our surrounding area along the Gulf Coast of the USA.
(That's right - 'LA' stands for 'Lower Alabama', - we are not that megalopolis along the Pacific Coast!)

Our Mission Statement:

The LA Beach Writers Association exists to support dedicated writers with tolerance and respect in all genres through review, critique and discussion of their written works and to improve writing skills through education, mentoring and encouragement of members and visitors.

Our Next Meeting will be held on
January 14th at 5:30pm
at the Thomas B. Norton Library
in Gulf Shores, AL

Calling all interested writers here on the Gulf Coast! The L.A. Beach Writers Association will hold its first meeting of 2019 on Monday, January 14, 2019, at 5:30 p.m.at the Thomas B. Norton Public Library in Gulf Shores. The group will share their responses to January’s prompt: Do you have a meal or food that holds a special meaning to you? Tell us! Or you can choose to tell us about a special animal who is or was in your life.  Come share your writing in a supportive and constructive environment with other writers. This will be followed by a members’ only meeting in which we will be discussing our future group writing project, Letters from the Beach. So, if you are interested in sharing and improving your writing skills, please join us on January 14.

Then on January 19, sharpen your pencils and charge your laptops! L.A. Beach Writers will be hosting a writing seminar presented by Linda Busby Parker on Saturday, January 19, 2019, at the Orange Beach Public Library. Ms. Parker will focus on improving creative writing skills using concrete examples to help writers of all levels. While the seminar is free, space is limited. So if you want to attend, please send an email to either Nancy Dickhute  (dickhute@creighton.edu) or Kim Shackelford (kshackel12@gmail.com) by Tuesday, January 15, with your name and phone number.

 Linda Busby Parker is the author of two novels: Seven Laurels and Oliver’s SongSeven Laurels won the James Jones First Novel Award and the Langum Prize for Historical Fiction.  Find her short pieces in  Writer’s Digest, The Writer, Big Muddy, Provincetown Arts, Oracle, Confluence and Minerva Rising.  Her book reviews have appeared in The San Diego Union Tribune, Mobile Press Register, 2nd and Church, First Draft, and Alabama Writers Forum.  Linda teaches creative writing in programs at the University of South Alabama and Middle Tennessee State University.


Our Current Project:

LA Beach Writers is creating an anthology of writings from our members.  The expected publication date is mid-2018.  Copies will be available from members as well as on Amazon. 

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